KAFUWELL Decoration Tools

KAFUWELL has different type and specification tape measures which can meet all of your needs.High strength, good toughness and bending resistance, durable are the characteristics of KAFUWELL’s tape measures.

KAFUWELL Tools For Garden Plants

The three-piece shovel set is basically an essential tool .For those who like to plant seeds, a spray bottle is also indispensable, which can help the seeds and culture medium to keep moist. A pruning shear can handle all kinds of pruning problems on the balcony.

A Stud Extractor Tool

KAFUWELL’s stud extractor can easy to remove broken screw and bolt. The high strength alloy steel makes KAFUWELL’s stud extractor hard and abrasion resistant. Sharp and durable head blade, clamping firmly make it becomes a hot selling product.

KAFUWELL’s Screwdriver 

A screwdriver is a tool, manual or powered, used for driving screws. It usually has a thin wedge-shaped head that can be inserted into a slot or notch in the screw head. The grooved part rests on the screwdriver to drive the screw into the material.

KAFUWELL’s Clamping Tool Pliers 

Combination pliers are one of the most popular pliers style in any professional or household toolbox. The ridged nose can be used for grabbing as well as pulling,  bending,straightening, compression and twisting wires together. The double cutter near the joint is ideal for cutting wires and threaded bolts.

KAFUWELL Brand Torpedo Level

A torpedo level is a spirit level designed for use in tight spaces. Plumbers will find multiple selections of the magnetic level (made from rare earth magnets) – perfect for sticking to pipes. We also have a few levels made of Structo-cast, a non-conductive material, which is great for electricians. 

KAFUWELL’s Vernier Calipers

KAFUWELL GROUP, is a world wide leading manufacturer and exporter of hardware tools in China. There are three types of vernier calipers: mechanical vernier calipers, digital vernier calipers and tape vernier calipers.

KAFUWELL’s Tool Sets

A tool kit refers to a combination of one or several tools within a given specification range.  Generally, there is a fixed combination and packaging, which can fully guarantee the scope of use and is convenient for storage and carrying.