What are the common tools of the auto repair tool set?

Mar 28, 2022

What are the common tools of the auto repair tool set? In fact, many users are not particularly clear. So today, the editor of Kraftwell will give you an introduction:

Auto repair tools include the following categories: electrical repair tools, tire repair tools, lubrication equipment and tools, engine repair tools, body interior repair tools, chassis repair tools, etc. Electrical maintenance tools are mainly for battery maintenance, such as car electric test pen, battery connection cable, battery charger, battery rust removal pliers, etc.Tire repair tools mainly include jack, air gun wrench, air gun socket, tire wrench, tire patch, rubber cleaning agent, etc.

Lubricating tools include grease gun, grease gun barrel, grease gun mouth, oil pot, etc. Engine repair tools include filter wrenches, belt wrenches, spark plug sleeves, timing tools, piston ring pliers, etc. Body interior repair tools include sheet metal hammer, sheet metal lining iron, sheet metal shaping file and other sheet metal repair tools, panel removal tools, glass suction cups, glass sealing strip tools, wooden handle scrapers, etc. Chassis repair tools include repairing decks, socket sets (including ratchet wrenches, sockets, screw sockets, hexagon sockets, extension rods, etc.), bearing pullers, pullers, brake maintenance tools, etc.

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