What factors should be considered when choosing a household electric screwdriver set?

Mar 28, 2022

Electric screwdriver, also known as electric screwdriver, electric screwdriver, electric screwdriver, etc. Power tools for tightening and loosening screws equipped with mechanisms for adjusting and limiting torque. The following Kraftwell household electric screwdriver set Xiaobian to share with you:

An electric screwdriver is a power tool that uses a screwdriver bit to tighten and loosen screws. The electric screwdriver is not equipped with an impact mechanism, but is equipped with a mechanism for adjusting and limiting torque. Electric screwdrivers are generally driven by series-excited motors. When the electric screwdriver is driven by a permanent magnet motor, it is powered by the power box.

So how to choose a more suitable electric screwdriver? In fact, the electric screwdriver is not as difficult as imagined, just a few parameters, much simpler than choosing a computer. The following factors cannot be missed:

  1. Torsion--If the torque is too small, it cannot be twisted, and if the torque is too large, it is easy to damage the product and cause slippage.
  2. Speed - too slow, it is easy to affect the efficiency.
  3. Accuracy - some electric batches do not have high requirements for this. Generally speaking, big brands do very well in this regard, such as Swift Electronics.

The above are the factors that Xiaobian shared when choosing an electric screwdriver. I hope it will be helpful to everyone. If you want to know more about electric screwdrivers, you can continue to pay attention to this site!

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